Felix Uitz

MEET FELIX... HELLO, IT'S GREAT TO MEET YOU. THOUGH WE ALL HAVE OUR OWN STORIES, WE ARE PROBABLY NOT TO DIFFENTEN FROM EACH OTHER. LET'S GET STARTED. I AM ... ... A DAD AND HUSBAND (A beautiful baby daughter and a soon to be born son and crazy in love with my wife) ... A INNOVATION EVANGELIST & BUSINESS CONSULTANT (Studying creative disruption for two decades) ... A STARTUP FOUNDER & ENTREPRENEUR (Started, and buit several companies. "Learned" a ton along the way") ... MAGICIAN & INVENTOR (Studying, creating and commercializing the 2nd oldest profession in the world - MAGIC) ... PRETTY NEW TO KEYNOTE SPEAKING (But man, do I love inspiring and motivating audiences to action.) ... MUSICIAN, PHOTO- & CINEMATOGRAPHER (Making the most out of each moment.) ... CREATIVE MISCHIEF-MAKER (Feels uncomfortable inside a box) MEET FELIX: AN UNCONVENTIONAL ENTREPRENEUR, MAGICIAN, AND MASTER OF MAKING MEMORABLE EXPERIENCES! With a degree in electronic engineering and a master’s in innovation, Felix has achieved great success in the corporate world. He began building his business savvy when he was still at school, buying and renting out video games. “… and I never stopped building and creating things ever since” His next venture was a revolutionary full-service tattoo studio concept including dermatologists, fashion & jewelry designers and – of course – talented tattoo artists. After that he began working with tech startups, small to medium companies as well as massive corporations in areas such as innovation and business strategy. This eventually pushed him to build a international innovation lab for startups and investors across the globe. “…I’ve been fortunate enough to experience the thrill of success, as well as the disappointment of failure in my business ventures.” But it wasn’t until Felix spent over 200 nights a year on business trips on three continents that he discovered the art of magic. Bringing along a deck of cards on these long flights was the safest bet for entertainment so – slowly but surely – he began mastering the art of deception to create impactful experiences through creativity, perspective, actions and handlings, storytelling – all working together to amaze spectators every time! “… In my opinion is magic the true definition of “customer centric development”. Because the only thing that counts is the experience for the spectator and how its done is irrelevant.” Today Felix’s company VULPINE (Austria & US) specializes in innovative high-tech product development. Together with our research partners and leading universities, he and his co-founder Adam Wilber explore deep tech, innovation, and cutting edge product development in multiple sectors of business. Furthermore they run a successful magic production company where they invent, develop, produce and sell spellbinding effects to professional magicians or hobbyists all around the world. ENOUGH ABOUT ME - LET'S FOCUS ON YOU NOW. YOU'VE COME TO THE RIGHT PLACE IF... ...YOU are looking to GAIN A COMPETITIVE EDGE and DRIVE LONG-TERM GROWTH? ...YOU want a keynote speaker who will ENGAGE AND MOTIVATE your audience? ...YOU are ready to TAP INTO YOUR CREATIVE POTENTIAL but need some guidance? ...YOU understand the importance of FOSTERING INNOVATION within your organization? ...YOU are seeking ways to MAKE EVERYONE in your company A CONSISTENT INNOVATOR?

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