The People of the Bible Deck

Whether you’re a parent seeking an exciting and educational tool to engage your children with the Bible, or an adult looking to deepen your understanding of scripture in a fun way, our Augmented Reality Bible Cards are perfect for you!

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3 easy steps to enjoy your faith in a new and magical way

Step 1

scan the back of any card

Step 2

scan the face of the card

Step 3

enjoy your faith in a magical new way

These Cards Aren't Just Beautiful...

... they're also tech savvy. Augmented Reality brings these Bible figures to life right before your eyes. All you need is a smartphone or tablet, a decent Wi-Fi connection, and a dash of curiosity.

Christian Family Owned & Operated Since 2020

Home of the World's First Augmented Reality Prayer & Devotional Playing Cards along with other innovative, faith-based products designed to bring Christians closer to God in a fun and engaging way.

Our story began during the pandemic in 2020 when our founder, a single father of two children, sought a unique way to teach his kids about God and their faith.

See What People Are Saying!​

Beth Matthew
Beth Matthew
Grateful Father of 3
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The Faith Over Fear deck has been a game-changer for my family, strengthening our bond and deepening our connection with God. It's the perfect blend of faith, fun, and learning for my child and me. Highly recommended!
Marilyn D Lindenberg
Marilyn D Lindenberg
A Delighted (and Amused) Woman
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Faith Over Fear deck: my secret weapon against boring Bible study sessions! Fun, engaging, and surprisingly inspiring - God's Word has never been this entertaining!
Opal M Tillman
Opal M Tillman
Father of Twins
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The Faith Over Fear deck has been a refreshing addition to my spiritual practice, combining fun and faith-building. It's encouraged meaningful conversations and a deeper connection with God. Absolutely love it!
Marcus Harris
Marcus Harris
Mother of Two Boys
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The People of the Bible revitalized my spiritual journey, providing an engaging way to explore God's Word. It's a unique, enriching experience that I recommend for believers of all ages.
Carolyn J Romriell
Carolyn J Romriell
Born Again Christians
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The Faith Over Fear deck touched my heart, opening new pathways to God's love. Thank you!
Ray R Stein
Ray R Stein
Proud Mother of 2 Girls
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The Faith Over Fear deck has enriched my daughters' spiritual lives, igniting their curiosity and passion for God's Word. A must-have for families!


FaithLabz specializes in Augmented Reality Prayer & Devotional Playing Cards. They offer different types of decks such as The Prayer & Devotion Deck, The Expecting Mothers Deck, and The People of the Bible Deck. These decks are designed to help you connect with God and deepen your spiritual journey in an immersive and engaging way​​.

You start by scanning the back of any card, then the face of any card. This allows you to engage with scripture in a unique way as the devotionals come to life through augmented reality technology. This can provide a unique and immersive spiritual journey, revolutionizing your prayer time and potentially transforming your faith community.

Each deck (The Prayer & Devotion Deck, The Expecting Mothers Deck, The People of the Bible Deck) costs $34.00, plus shipping costs. There is also a bundle of all three decks available for a discounted price of $67.00, plus shipping costs.

FaithLabz was founded by a single father of two children during the pandemic in 2020. He sought a unique way to teach his kids about God and their faith, which led to the creation of the world’s first Augmented Reality Prayer & Devotional Playing Cards​.

FaithLabz is located at 33 Saint Moritz Drive, 03855 New Durham, New Hampshire​.

The Prayer & Devotion Deck is a set of 52 cards, each carrying a unique prayer brought to life with Augmented Reality. The deck covers 13 categories touching various aspects of life. When scanned with a smart device, each card unlocks a full 5-page devotional, allowing you to dive deeper into Scripture and gain a richer understanding of your faith.

Many customers have left positive reviews, praising the decks for being a creative and entertaining way to explore faith, a fantastic teaching aid, and a tool that adds a new dimension to their faith journey. The augmented reality feature is often highlighted as bringing a new level of engagement to prayer and Scripture study.

The Expecting Mothers Deck is a spiritual companion designed for pregnant women and new mothers. It consists of 52 beautifully crafted cards, each offering wisdom, comfort, and encouragement. The deck covers thirteen categories, including Trusting God’s Plan and Embracing Your New Identity as a Mother. Each card comes with stunning custom artwork, and the deck as a whole can be used as often as you like. It serves as a spiritual anchor during the journey of pregnancy and early motherhood.

Yes, free shipping is available on orders over $50​​.

All orders are packed and shipped by The Wilber Family.

Yes, FaithLabz ensures the security of your personal information. They never sell your info.

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