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Hello there! I'm Adam Wilber,

I’m the guy behind FaithLabz and I want Thank you for being here! I’m a regular dude who loves God, family and magic. I’ve been blessed with the opportunity to do some pretty cool things, like fooling Penn & Teller, speaking at TEDx, and running Vulpine Creations, a wonderful magic shop. But the real magic in my life comes from my two beautiful kids, Carter and Alina.

I believe in sharing our struggles as well as our triumphs, so here's a bit of my story -

I’m a recovered alcoholic who struggled with what I used to call “functional alcoholism”. 
While I was really good at kidding myself and the world that I had a grip on my life, deep down I knew I was living a lie and one that would eventually kill me. If it weren’t for the birth of my kids I’m not sure I would be here writing this today.
The one certainty I have in life is that without God none of this would mean a thing. My faith has been my rock, and it’s my hope that my story can inspire others on their own journey to recovery.

Now, let’s get to the heart of FaithLabz

The Faith Over Fear Augmented Reality Prayer & Devotional Playing Cards. Imagine a deck of cards that can bring Scripture and prayer to life on your phone! This idea came to me during the 2020 pandemic when I was trying to make learning about the Bible more engaging for my kids.

The Prayer & Devotional Deck

Inspired by a heartwarming conversation with my mom, this deck is here to help deepen your faith and feel more connected to God.

The Expecting Mothers Deck

I created this with my dear friends Felix and Julia, who were expecting their second child. This deck is a spiritual companion for all the expecting moms out there.

The People of the Bible Deck

I wanted to help my kids, and indeed anyone, to understand the Bible better, so I thought, why not bring the Bible figures to life? Each card has a story to tell like never before.




These three values guide our mission to create high-quality, interactive, and innovative products that help Christians of all ages deepen their connection with God and each other.

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Welcome To The FaithLabz Family and Thank You For Being a Part of This Journey in Faith. 
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