Conjuring Cards

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From Zero to Hero in card magic from master magician Adam Wilber

From Zero to hero in card magic from master magician adam wilber

From Zero to hero in card magic from master magician adam wilber

Hi there I am Adam Wilber

and I’ll be your teacher through this wonderful world of card magic. If you’ve ever wanted to be the center of attention for making people feel good, laugh and be thoroughly entertained, then this is the course for you!

“I developed this course to give anybody the tools they need to perform fun fooling and entertaining card magic!” -Adam Wilber

What you will learn

"ZERO TO HERO in card magic"

The Basics

  • Meet Your Instructor
  • Proper Deck Grips
  • What Cards To Use
  • Basic Shuffling Techniques 

Cards Controls

  • The Pinky Break
  • Double Undercut
  • Flip Flop Control
  • Convince & Control
  • Overhand Shuffle Control
  • The Pass
  • Diagonal Palm Shift
  • Bluff Pass Control
  • Schwarzmann Control
  • Pressure Fan Control


  • The Riffle Force
  • Bottom Deal Force
  • Hindu & Biddle Force
  • The Criss-Cross Force
  • Classic Force
  • Spread Cull Force
  • Timing Force
  • Magicians Choice

False Shuffles

  • False Overhand Shuffle
  • Zarrow Shuffle
  • Push Through Shuffle
  • False Shuffle Cut the Deck


  • Erdnase Color Change
  • Throw Change
  • Paintbrush Change
  • Cardini Change
  • The Double Lift
  • The Snap Change
  • Side Steal Color Change
  • Pop-Out Move
  • Elmsly Count
  • Flushtration Count
  • The Pressure Fan
  • Dribbling the Cards
  • Shake Change
  • One Hand Deck Flip
  • One-Hand Top Palm
  • Side Steal Palm
  • Diagonal Palm Shift
  • Gamblers Cop
  • Sleights in a Sequence

False Cuts

  • Triple Table False Cut
  • In the Hands False Cut
  • False Table Cut
  • Up the Ladder False Cut


  • Springing the Cards
  • LePaul Spread
  • Hot Shot Cut
  • Table Spread
  • One-Handed Shuffle
  • Chalier Cut
  • Animal Flourish Sequence


This course is everything I know about card magic. We take you through the basics building a strong foundation of moves, routines and presentations. Then we get into the good stuff so you can start performing world class card magic that has impact and is loaded with entertainment value.

Your journey from ZERO TO HERO in card magic.




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Conjuring Cards
$ 47
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