drive SIGNIFICANT growth

Can innovation be more than just a catchphrase?

It is not only thinkers, CEOs and tech billionaires who are associated with innovation. It can be accessed by all, when given the right conditions to thrive. Imagination has always been known as a great leveller.

It can grow businesses, gain victories and capture opportunities. So let us use this wonder of creativity and put it into practice together.
I am here to share my experience as your keynote speaker on innovation.

Validation of New Business Ideas

Gather prompt and reliable feedback from your target group.

  • Validation of product ideas and  prototypes with the open innovation platforms.
  • Validation of the business cases  from the perspective of investors.


Utilizing the persuasive potential of realistic prototypes.

  • UX Design
  • Electronic Hardware Development & Production
  • Software Development
  • Mechanical Prototype Development

Interim Management

You are weighing the option of enlisting temporary help to assess new business models and product designs?

  • Short-term product oversight
  • Interim project leadership for innovative endeavours.

Innovation Management

Driving advances in products and services for the future. 

  • Idea and innovation management systems tailor made for your organization 
  • Personalized Intrapreneurship program 
  • Personalized processes for effective innovation.

Innovation Deep Dives

You require immediate answers for intricate, multi-sector problems.

  • Google design sprints for complex business problems
  • Identification of new applications for existing ones Products & Technologies
  • Innovation marketing programs for new products and markets


You are searching for complete and helpful assistance the right tools for your product management team.?

  • Product Management Toolbox
  • Workshops (JTBD, Leveraging existing developments…) 
  • One-On-One coaching, sparring and guidance
  • Business model design & support in the development of the right strategy
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