creativity and innovation are not only for a select few


Impossible is just a word

Imagine what might be possible if the the entire organization JOINING  FORCES TO CHAMPION INNOVATION. Each staff member could TAKE ON THE ROLE OF A PROBLEM SOLVER and use their creative ideas to FUEL PROGRESS. Imagine what your enterprise could achieve with a unified effort devoted to advancing creative strategies!

Startup entrepreneur, innovation expert, keynote speaker and magician Felix Uitz has created a surefire system for assisting you and your team to REACH UNPARALLELED HEIGHTS through their INGENUITY and INNOVATION.

Companies that embrace fresh approaches OUTPERFORM THOSE THAT DON’T. They come out on top in the battle for talent and enjoy booming returns on shareholder capital. Don’t sacrifice this opportunity by failing to unlock everyone’s innovative capabilities!

INNOVATION IS THE SINGLE MOST POWERFUL TOOL you have when it comes to competing in today’s market, so let Felix be your navigator to maximize its potential.

Keynote Speaking

“Experience the Magic of Innovation: Let Felix Inspire Your Audience!”

Innovation Consulting

“Transform Your Business with Sustainable Results through Innovation, Growth, and Leadership”

Creativity Workshops

“Unlock the Potential of Innovation, Leadership, and Creativity through energizing and practical Actions”!

Experience Magic in Action

Driving Real-World business results

With his TRIED-AND-TRUE CREDENTIALS  as an experienced STARTUP ENTREPRENEUR and a whopping two decades in the trenches of INNOVATION and HYPER-GROWTH LEADERSHIP, Felix Uitz has just the kind of experience to get your audience fired up.

Why Choose felix?

2 Decades of driving change

in the trenches of INNOVATION and HYPER-GROWTH environments for Startups, SMEs & large Corporations

Experienced StartUp Entrepreneur

with the BATTLE SCARS to show for it

No One-Size-fits-all
100% Tailor-made Solutions
A fresh Perspective
Proven Solutions that drive sustainable growth
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